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4 Foods/Drinks to Avoid Teeth Staining!

There are so many things we can do to whiten teeth, but what are some ways we can prevent staining? We can try to avoid these following foods!

So many of the foods we consume each and everyday and contribute to our teeth staining, which can cause the yellowing of our natural teeth. Here we'll get into 3 common drinks/ foods that can cause staining.

1) Soda

The first one is very common and can not only stain our teeth but can cause acid erosion on your teeth! Tip - something that can be done to reduce the harmful effects on our teeth is by drinking it through a straw!

2) Red Wine

Most of us enjoy our wine, but red wine is the one that can cause some unwanted staining. Make sure to rinse with water after consuming the wine!

3) Berries

Although these fruits can cause staining, they are jam packed with good antioxidants! To help with some of the staining, a good rule of thumb it to rinse with water after ingesting any of these!

4) Tea and coffee

Last but not least, the most common that most of us consume on a daily basis! Just like the above, trying to rinse with water right after drinking these are a good idea! Also using some whitening tooth paste can help with some of the staining, but most of us can't avoid the staining if we are a avid tea or coffee drinker!

Although these foods can cause staining, it's something that most of us can't cut out in out diet. Avoiding these foods can help prevent some staining. A way to reduce the staining is to rinse/swish with water after ingesting these foods! Or drinking these beverages through a staw. It also doesn't hurt to try some whitening tooth paste, it might help with removing the stain! If that doesn't help, there are many options like whitening! Our office includes in office whitening, or take home whitening trays! Give us a call for more information (519)-621-4000.

Take care!



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